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Please Donate - Roanhorse for the Cure

This is my husband,s charitable organization. Please consider donating.

Did you know that breast cancer ranks second on the list of cancer-related deaths in American Indian and Alaskan native women?

And that Indigenous women have the lowest five-year survival rate when compared with other ethnic groups?

Michael Roanhorse is a Navajo Artist who has partnered with the Central New Mexico chapter of the Susan G Komen for the Cure foundation to raise money for fighting breast cancer in Native communities.

Each August since 2007, Michael holds a fundraising event during Santa Fe Indian Market Week in Santa Fe, NM. However, this year, despite some great sponsorship, we have not raised enough money guarantee our spot and our event space is threatening to cancel on us if we don't raise $2,000 by July 27th, and another $2,000 by August 1.

Roanhorse for the Cure has raised enough money in past years that, along with a grant from the Con Alma Health Foundation and the work of Dine College, allowed for a translation of the Breast Self-Exam cards into Navajo. This is the first time breast cancer information has been translated into any indigenous language.

We are asking anyone who may have a few extra dollars to please consider donating. I know times are difficult for everyone, but this is a worthy cause that I would hate to see go away. We know it's a longshot to raise the money, but we have to try.

Thank you for your consideration. More Information can be found here.

All Proceeds go to the CNM Affiliate of Susan G. Komen for the Cure, a 501(c)(3) organization.