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Welcome to NDNz.

If other Natives communities are the pow wow, we're the 49!*

ndnz is a community for indigenous folks, namely Native Americans/First Nations people to meet each other, hang out and talk about whatever they want. News articles, personal stories, relationship woes, songs, snags, gossip, jokes and pretty much anything else is on topic here, as long as it comes from a Native perspective.

You'll notice that 99.9% of our members are NDN/Indigenous. That's on purpose. Non-Natives can join but this is first and foremost a Native community.

You'll also notice our topics are all over the place. That's on purpose, too.

The idea is not to create another community for Native issues per se, because indi_issues's already done that. This is a community to hang out and BS with other NDNs.

That means if you have questions about Indians but arent one or want to trace your heritage but don't identify as Native American, you may be better served somewhere else.


*If you don't know what I mean by this, that might be a sign to lurk and learn or explore other Native communities on LJ:

We also have a sister community for the larger world indigenous population. All indigenous peoples, from Mexico, Central and South America, Austrailia, New Zealand and beyond are welcome there. Please check out indigenous_intl for a community focused on the larger indigenous community.

Rules: Besides the usual, eg. no trolls, etc., there are none until someone makes me make some. Don't be that person.

Well, I had to make rules. If you join this community, you are expected to know and abide by these rules.

1) Show Respect
This is a community where we can voice our thoughts and disagree, but it is not a place for namecalling or flaming. So don’t do it.

2) Blood Quantum aka Redder Than Thou
I don't care if you rant about strangers as pretendians or even other LJers not in this community. But in this community, we accept everyone who is Native as equally Native. If there is to be an arbitrator of Redness, it will be me, and only me. And since I am not going to do that, it won't get done. Anyone who does this will no longer get warnings, but will have their posting privileges revoked for 7 days. If they persist, they will be banned.

The rule only applies to members of the community speaking to other members of the community. If you are arguing with someone, it is NOT acceptable to try and counter their argument by calling their blood quantum into question or calling them a pretendian. I feel those are pretty much ad hominem attacks. You can certainly address their arguments, and if you feel like their argument comes from a lack of cultural knowledge, you can say that. But say it without calling them names.

3) Other minorites, and Black folks in particular
We don’t play the Oppression Olympics around here.

I know this rule can be hard to understand for some people, so if you have questions about this rule, feel free to email me and ask.

4) Non-Natives Asking Questions
This is not a teaching community. Therefore it is not appropriate for non-Natives to ask questions here for Natives to answer. There are plenty of communities where that is appropriate, like indi_issues. I will delete any post I see written by a non-Native asking Natives questions.

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